Thoughts on Musicians in Need

Hi Everyone,

I know I said this would be a weekly update, and look, already I’m late! But things have been cooking at Jazz Bridge. Through the wonderful help of Dr. Steven Peitzman of Drexel University School of Medicine, we were able to secure a room to hold a workshop for musicians (and anyone else who wants to come) on Sunday April 29th from 2-4 pm to familiarize them with the Affordable Care Act –  signups for insurance start Oct. 1st! And we’ll have wonderful photographers (Howard Pitkow, Anthony Dean, and Les Hinton) who will be there to take head shots of professional jazz and blues musicians who need them (you must contact me to reserve time with the photographers).

It’s people who come forward in support that make this organization what it is, whether it’s buying a ticket for a fundraiser, volunteering, or donating straight out. Only the folks who understand their local jazz community and the musicians see that the service we provide is so crucial to keeping the arts vibrant. I’ve recently had someone contact me from Denver who wants to start an organization like Jazz Bridge out there for that city’s jazz community! He donated $100 to us, because he loves what we do. But, truth be told, most folks aren’t clamoring to help jazz musicians, because most folks don’t see the importance. Find homes for dogs? Yes. Give to the Red Cross? Of course. But jazz musicians? Not so much. That’s why it is so important that the people who ARE aware of the importance, chip in and help.

This Sunday, the Seaview Hotel and Golf Club is donating space for Jazz Bridge to hold our annual Down the Shore fundraiser from 6-9 pm, and the musicians from Breckerville (led by trumpeter Bob Ferguson) and saxophonist Michael Pedicin’s group are working at discount rates to help raise funds for Jazz Bridge. It’s a BBQ and the weatherman says it will be a beautiful day. Tickets are $25/$15 for students with an ID. It’s a no-brainer decision to attend this gig!

You wonder if you can make the time to come and celebrate with us, or maybe you’ll donate on some other occasion – but the time is NOW. Jazz Bridge is an ALL-VOLUNTEER organization, which means every cent of your money goes to help musicians in need. But we need YOU to help us do what we do…so come on out on Sunday. Meet me, Wendy Simon (co-founder of Jazz Bridge), WRTI jazz host Bob Perkins, and board member Rhenda Fearrington., as well as all of the musicians!

Be there or Be square!

Suzanne Cloud