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BSR: Mike Boone’s Sid Simmons Tribute Concert in Roxborough

News Date: February 13, 2019


Suzanne Cloud: Jazz Bridge is “the best thing I’ve ever done”

News Date: January 6, 2019


6/3/2018 Annual Fundraiser!

News Date: April 29, 2018


Jimmy Bruno Fund

News Date: August 29, 2017


AAJ Reviews Philadelphia Real Book Concert

News Date: May 4, 2017


Monnette Sudler 4/26 Jazz Bridge Concert

News Date: May 3, 2017


Phila. Real Book Series Continues!

News Date: March 6, 2017


Jim Ridl in Collingswood (review by Vic Schermer)

News Date: March 4, 2017


Philadelphia Real Book Vol. I

News Date: March 3, 2017


2016-2017 Neighborhood Concerts Season!

News Date: September 20, 2016


Arts & Business Council of Philadelphia: Meet Our Clients

News Date: August 9, 2016


Philadelphia Real Book…it’s About Time!

News Date: April 11, 2016


Vision Song: Our Hearts, Our Future, Our Voices

News Date: April 9, 2016


Jazz Bridge Helps Local Musicians

News Date: December 8, 2015


Inaugural Jazz Bridge River Cruise

News Date: June 19, 2015


Hawthorne Park Summer Jazz Series

News Date: May 11, 2015


Collingswood “First Thursdays” Jazz Series

News Date: May 3, 2015


Jazz Bridge Co-Sponsors Free Hep C Screening

News Date: March 29, 2015


Jazz Bridge Offers Hep C Testing and Counseling

News Date: March 18, 2015


Jazz Bridge Pays Tribute to John Blake Jr.

News Date: February 5, 2015


Pat Martino Headlines Jazz Bridge Benefit

News Date: April 27, 2014


“Last Call,” Creatively Speaking

News Date: April 6, 2014


Arts Group Wins Prestigious Award

News Date: March 21, 2014


Lung Transplant Gives Guitarist a Second Chance

News Date: February 6, 2014


Jazz Bridge: Charlie Rice

News Date: October 14, 2013


Jazz Bridge to Receive Humanities Award

News Date: October 7, 2013


Try a Little Tenderness

News Date: April 24, 2013 A hand for jazz

News Date: March 15, 2013


WHYY: Jazz Bridge director Suzanne Cloud steps up to support

News Date:


Jazz Bridge Founder Awarded Freedom Medal

News Date: January 30, 2013


Jazz Bridge

News Date: August 22, 2012


A Medley of Advocacy and Aid

News Date: May 22, 2012


Jazz Bridge Assists Area Musicians

News Date: April 13, 2012


Philly Jazz: A View Through the Lens

News Date: March 22, 2012


Suzanne Cloud & Wendy Simon-Sinkler

News Date: February 27, 2012


Jazz Legend Charlie Rice

News Date: October 3, 2011


Back in the Day

News Date: July 31, 2011


Philly Jazz Stories Roundtable

News Date: June 24, 2011


Bootsie Barnes, All About Philly Jazz

News Date: January 15, 2011


Funding for the Arts

News Date: June 16, 2010


Jersey Jazz

News Date: March 24, 2010


Talking Jazz

News Date: December 24, 2009


All Charges Dropped Against Charlie Rice

News Date: May 5, 2009


Drummed-Up Charges

News Date: January 24, 2009


A Drumbeat of Support

News Date: January 23, 2009


A Jazz Bridge to Musicians in Need

News Date: November 22, 2008


Jazz Series Hits a Chord

News Date: February 17, 2008


Bridge Over Troubled Waters

News Date: November 23, 2007