Jazz Bridge Recognized by “UNESCO/Herbie Hancock Institute for Jazz” for 2023 Participation in International Jazz Day

December 7, 2023

Kim Tucker
Jazz Bridge Project, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
United States

Dear Kim:
As this year draws to a close, on behalf of UNESCO and the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your participation in the
International Jazz Day 2023 celebration. A record number of partners worldwide presented a
diverse range of musicians in performances, education programs, charity concerts, master classes,
community outreach initiatives, lectures, literary evenings and many other creative offerings for
people of all ages and backgrounds.

We continue to learn so much about virtual events and how we can connect people beyond in-
person gatherings. So many of you expanded your digital connections and engagements this year –

recording and streaming your own programs and the 2023 All-Star Global Concert to provide
access for audiences far and wide as part of your Jazz Day festivities. The Global Concert has
logged more than 100 million views on Facebook and YouTube alone.

These 2023 celebrations stand as a testament to the commitment behind jazz, and the unity and
peace it can bring. Artists, organizers and jazz supporters like you came together in more than 195
countries to celebrate this 12th annual International Jazz Day. You and the rest of the widespread
International Jazz Day family have continued to work tirelessly and passionately to infuse the
joyous sounds of jazz into clubs, concert halls, schools, parks, ballrooms, backyards, museums,
town squares and restaurants across all continents.

Your dedication to supporting International Jazz Day means so much to me and I am deeply
grateful for all of your efforts. With registrations set to launch in mid-January, we look forward to
your upcoming participation in International Jazz Day 2024.

Herbie Hancock
UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador
for Intercultural Dialogue